22 miutes of 997-2 GT3 rally goodness

Here is a 22 minute video of a 997-2 GT3 RS being flogged around wet and dry, tarmac and dirt rally circuits across Europe (I think).


Tiff & The 997 GT3 RS 4.0

Shame about the weather, but it is always cool to see Tiff Needell of Fifth Gear wring the neck of anything but when it is a GT3 4.0, it is even more special.

Patrick Long drives the 997-2 GT3 RS

Courtesy of auto web 'zine, Translogic, an enjoyable 5 minute video of Patrick Long at Long Beach California and the 997-2 GT3 RS.

997 GT3 Gen 2 vs BMW M3 GTS

Autocar (UK) tested a GT3 vs M3 on a closed road course. The correct result was achieved!

Evolution of the new GT3 Cup Car - From road to race

Take a close look at the 2011 Carrera Cup GB race car, its evolution for the new season, and its relationship to the 911 GT3 RS road car.

My GT3 around Winton

What is the use in having a GT3 site if you can't sneak the odd picture or video of your own car in! So here is one of me at Winton Raceway in Northern Victoria on a nice sunny October day. No lap records here, but enjoyable for me anyway.

A 997 GT3 Rallying - LOUDLY!

A great clip with a fantastic soundtrack. A must watch, and an even more important listen. As Molly would say 'Do yourself a favour...'.

A 997-2 RS @ The Goodwood Festival of Speed

Goodwood, and the annual festival at Lord March's pile is a great setting to show off a great car. But too much talking over the great RS soundtrack!

Fainting grid girl...

This video has all the hallmarks of a classic. Fast cars, sexy girls and a medical emergency.

Unfortunately for the grid girl adorning this GT3 Cup car, the excitement of the moment appears to overcome her and she collapses hard onto the bonnet of the car. Apparently, the Dutch driver is more concerned about damage to his GT3 than the condition of the young lady. The good news is that car and girl survived the ordeal.

Porsche highlights three generations of RS models

A great video from Porsche GB. Forgive the intrusion of the 2.7 RS, a nice 7 minutes plus of 996 RS & 997 RS action.

A run to 320 kph+ on Skyway

Do not try this at home. We absolutely do not condone the behaviour in this video...

I cannot believe how quickly the car got to 200 kph plus though!

Porsche 996 GT3 RSR Spa 24H 2006 Wolfgang Kaufmann

Not exactly current (circa 2006) but worth looking at I reckon. Herr Kaufmann, driving a couple of qualifying laps at Spa in a 996 GT3 RSR. He seems to work pretty hard at the wheel. Not sure if that is his style, a car set up issue or if he was tying r-e-a-l-l-y hard. Enjoy!

The Man & The Porsche

Another crackingly good video.

A couple of 997 GT3s at the 'Ring

I just found this video at Daily Motion, from about 2007, I think.

A couple of very enthusiastic 997 GT3 drivers hanging it all out, dealing with the track and with variously weird vehicles in the lapped traffic. What was that Hummer doing there?

There seems to be no shortage of great Porsche videos around these days. Great viewing!

GT3 Tarmac Rally Car

This exciting video is of a 997 GT3 tarmac rally car making some outrageous noises for 10 minutes!

Turn up your speakers, again!

Porsche 997 GT3RS 3.9L 500hp SharkWerks Engine HQ

As traditional 996 GT3 Mk1 owners / lovers here at 'the Porsche GT3 Resource', I post this link with some mixed emotion. A lime green GT3 RS heavily fettled by 'SharkWerks' in the USA.

Have a look and in 9.09 minutes, make up your own mind!

One lap at Spa in a 996 GT3 Mk1

2010 GT3 RS & Cup Car Test!

Chris Harris at EVO Magazine has a quick road test of the 2010 GT3 RS and the 2010 Cup Car. Summary: He likes them!

video is worth 4 minutes of your time.

Official Porsche 997 GT3 RS Commercial

Great video, interesting 'facts' but a little try-too-hard voice-over man! Enjoy anyway!

997 GT3RS - Frankfurt Motor Show

Wow. While the specs and pics are not new, check out this great in-car video of the actual show car being 'loosened up' at 180MPH the night before it's Frankfurt Motor Show debut. Alright! Note: Ignore the ad / intro.

2010 Porsche GT3 RS Autobahn Shakedown and Overvie

Porsche GT3 RSR (and others)

Great video and soundtrack!

Walter Rorhl at the 'Ring in a 997 GT3 MK2

This is a real thrill for 997 GT3 Mk2 fans. Highly recommended! It's Walter!!!

One lap at Leipzig Test Track in a 996 GT3 Mk2